Under Armour – James Newbury

The Challenge
We teamed up with Under Armour to document James Newbury’s journey to the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games. The challenge was to create a documentary-style video that could be divided up into three chapters: Prep, Train, Recover. More specifically, my role was to create introductions for each chapter.  

The Approach
After watching the initial cut of the video, I started brainstorming ways to incorporate graphics and cuts unique to each section, while remaining cohesive. Since the video was going to live on YouTube and social media both as one full video and three separate parts, we wanted each intro to inform the viewer of where they were in the story. Using variable type, I saw an opportunity to tie in emotion and context into the numbers of the sections.

A grid of three areas was used as the primary layout to represent the three phases. To signal the influence of each phase on one another, the grid was made visible and each highlighted phase was cropped to bleed into one or both of the other gridded areas.

James’ “PREP” phase is all about analyzing, organizing, and building a foundation of which to base his training off. The number 1 moves to reflect the idea of pieces coming together and forming something whole. The word “PREP” is rooted in the bottom form and readily visible, mimicking its meaning.

CrossFit training is about as intense as it gets. To reflect the rigorous nature of the sport, the number 2 contracts and expands rapidly like a muscle or heartbeat. Paired with the quick cuts of James training, it sets the tone for what’s to come in phase 2.

Last but not least, recovery is crucial to ensure James’ body and mind is right for competition. For this sequence, the number 3 appears to regenerate itself, and each letter in “RECOVERY” grows along with the motion. The movements are smooth and calm, almost meditative, and match the soothing nature of the music.

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