The Challenge
Taivara is a team of entrepreneurs, strategists, and technologists who specialize in corporate innovation, software design and development, and product strategy and commercialization. At the time, they felt their identity was outdated, bulky, and didn’t accurately represent their lean work and agile process. I was commissioned to pitch new visual mark directions to pair with their already selected logotype.

The Approach and
Visual Identity
Through researching the company and getting insights from their team, I discovered the new visual mark should focus on the way Taivara works, the environment they work in, and the boundaries they help their clients break. The final mark uses a single line to form two overlapping shapes, the second visually larger than the first. The overall effect is a multidimensional form that symbolizes iteration, continued growth, movement, and progress in the right direction. These elements speak to the lean work Taivara does and their encouragement for limitless possibilities.