Security Baron

The Challenge
Security Baron is a consumer-focused website dealing in matters of security — home security, property security, cybersecurity, and more. Along with a new identity, SB needed a graphic and motion design system to unify the brand across each platform and align with their goals. At the time, the logo felt disconnected, unclear, and lacked a tech edge. It also didn’t provide a solid conceptual foundation to build a visual language around, making it challenging to expand branded content into new territories.

The Approach
Since technology and security go hand in hand, it was important the visual assets could represent SB’s expertise in those areas. The brand needed to carry the same characteristics associated with successful security. It needed to be strong, connected, modern, and even a bit futuristic. Something those looking to gain knowledge about this topic would embrace and trust as their place to go for the answers.

The S and B monogram forms a solidified shape that is visually sturdy, strong, and connected, representing not only the quality and reliability of the content produced on the site but also the characteristics of successful security systems, managers, etc. The negative shape hints at a speech bubble, a nod to the thoughts of Security Baron’s writers, the dialogue they create around security, and content of the site.

The visual mark can be strategically cropped to form custom bullet points and placeholders for text, icons, and images. Because of its bold geometric shape, it can also be cropped and arranged in specific ways to appear “locked” in place. The bold blue and green color contrast gives the brand a tech edge, and the combination of gradient lines and layered duotone images found in brand applications take inspiration from data transfer and encryption.

Security Baron Necessary Features Icons

Website Icons

Social Media Banner

Motion Design
The motion graphic system is bold, reactive, and layered, reflecting the characteristics which inspired the brand identity and graphic system. The visual mark carries over into the graphic elements which are used in videos to hold information and navigate viewers through detailed reviews. Overall, the system was built to be as efficient as possible so video editors could assist with post production graphics.