Learning an instrument allows us to express ourselves and connect with the music we love. The journey to mastering an instrument, however, is daunting and filled with challenges that can be alleviated through design. For my Senior Thesis, I created a music lesson platform that merges the freedom of self-directed learning, the engagement of gamification and the impact of instruction from real musicians.

1. Access

Rise recognizes your skills, goals, and musical interests, to populate content tailored for you. This provides structure and a path for you to follow. Aside from access to instructors, you can browse play along songs and music challenges that help you build certain skills such as speed, timing, and dynamics.

2. Practice

Rise gives you the support and organization you need to practice in-between lessons, away from your instructor. The Practice Module utilizes your headphones and device to create a unique audio/visual practice experience for percussion.

3. Feedback/Progress

You can track your performances through Play Mode and visualize areas of improvement. This element of gamification helps you see your progress towards your goals and reflect on your accomplishments.  

4. Exploration

As you grow and move through your musical journey, Rise gives you the freedom to search, explore, and engage in other aspects of music; stretching your knowledge and musicality.