Housing Equity Project

The Challenge
HEP is a New York non-profit founded by lawyers passionate about housing equality. They want to amplify the voices of those affected by homelessness, gentrification, and harassment from landlords and use their law expertise to educate people on what can be done to fight these issues. The challenge was to create a progressive visual identity that communicated the members’ knowledge in housing law.

The Approach and
Brand Identity 
After meeting with a spokesperson of the group, it was clear equality, community, progress, and justice were some of HEP’s guiding principles. I investigated the combination of icons related to these principles, including pillars, the gavel, houses, neighborhood grids, and upward facing arrows. Ultimately, the final visual mark combines an upward-facing arrow to communicate progress and HEP’s progressive attitude, a courthouse with pillars to represent justice and equality, and a house icon to signal community, shelter, and the idea of home.